LI Lobby Re-Design

Completed the redesign of the LI Warehouse lobby. We are currently working on the redesign of the rest of the LI Warehouse including the offices, warehouse areas, lounge spaces and eating areas. … [Read more...]

Lau Residence

A design of a 2 storey 5,000 sq.ft. house is in the development stage in China. … [Read more...]

RKF Team Created Artwork

RKF team created and donated artwork for Over Fashion in China for their 10 years anniversary. The artwork is to create a contemporary image and yet reflect the various strong bold colors Over … [Read more...]

Savoie’s Residence

A 6,000 sq.ft. house is in the design stage. A roof terrace, main floor, second floor and a basement are included in the design. … [Read more...]

Himalaya Art Museum

RKF was invited to participate in the design of the new logo for Himalaya Art Museum in China. The intent of the proposal is to integrate the 3 letters H, A, and M with a suggestion of mountains … [Read more...]