Raimond Fung Architects Ltd. is a multi-disciplined Architectural Company with offices located in Edmonton, Alberta, and Toronto, Ontario, Canada and associated offices in Hong Kong and China. Since its establishment back in 1982, the company has offered a wide range of architectural services to all levels of government and private organizations.

Our firm has provided professional services in Architecture, Urban Design, Planning, Engineering, Feasibility Studies, Building Evaluations, Programming, Interior Design, Specification Writings, Construction Supervision, and Post-Construction Evaluation and Analysis. Projects categories include institutional, science and research, commercial, residential, health care, industrial, educational, recreational, hospitality, light and heavy industrial.

Raimond Fung Architects Ltd. is a privately owned Alberta company with key executives whose experience in this field is normally over 25 years. Our senior executives possess management and technical expertise in handling project scale over hundreds of millions. The company has completed projects in Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, the Northwest Territories, Southern California, U.S.A. and China throughout the years of operation. Currently, we are positioning ourselves in securing potential development projects in other foreign countries.

We have the expertise to undertake projects located in various climatic and geographic environments. Our superior building science, design and technology are capable to deal with extreme climatic changes, ice and snow conditions affecting the building envelope, interior, and complex functional requirements.

In addition, we have full knowledge regarding earthquake design guidelines in California, innovative energy conservation programs, sustainable design or LEED system in North America, which can be extensively applicable in a global scale.

In order for our firm to meet the challenge of any mega scale project development internationally, we are presently in joint collaboration with Public Works Canada, of the Government of Canada. In the past, our firm has worked closely and successfully with some of the largest Architectural and Engineering companies in North America, including SNC Lavalin Inc of Quebec and HDR Inc. of Nebraska, in USA. We believe this approach will even further enhance our success in delivering our company’s world class expertise and services to any international Clients.

Design Approach

It has always been a standard procedure that at the initial planning stage of any project, we develop a comprehensive methodology plan in which a set of objectives and targets must be achieved for undertaking the whole task. The plan will also contain effective measures to deal with any possible uncertainties immediately throughout the whole course of action.

We have established a number of approaches and strategies to execute the design and construction for any project type. They are summarized as follows:

  • Provide all possible input for construction cost guidelines, construction estimates and budget.
  • Develop and maintain a close working relationship with the client and the user group so as to achieve effective, optimal and functional design.
  • Ensure all the recommendations from the client and the user group to be fully adopted in all aspects of the design.
  • Assemble the best project team composed of experienced professionals and experts to undertake the whole project.
  • Develop all possible engineering aspects and systems for the project during the initial and preliminary stage.
  • Provide effective control of the project cost and schedule within the authorised budget and time frame, and completely eliminate any possible cost over-run.
  • Maintain effective co-ordination among all government agencies, project team members, contractor and client.